A Haunted House (2013)

Plot  In August 2012, a young couple, Malcolm and Kisha, move in together. As Kisha arrives, she accidentally kills Shiloh, Malcolm's dog, by running it over with her car. On the first night, Malcolm is constantly awoken with Kisha farting loudly that eventually drives him out of the room. The next morning, when Kisha notices her keys on the floor, she tells Malcolm they might have a ghost. To prove to her wrong, Malcolm invites over camera men Dan the Security Man and his brother Bobby. Malcolm tries to have sex with the camera on, but Kisha tells him to turn it off. Before they really start, Malcolm turns the camera back on and records everything. In the morning, Malcolm and Kisha watch the video and notice the door moved. Malcolm suggests it was caused by his lovemaking.

The next night, Malcolm notices the paranormal activity and tries to move out of the house and leave Kisha. Since he can't sell his house in the current market, they hire Chip, a psychic, to investigate; Chip immed...



Marlon Wayans
Malcolm Johnson
Essence Atkins
Kisha Davis
Cedric the Entertainer
Father Doug Williams
Nick Swardson
Chip the Psychic
David Koechner
Dan "the Man" Kearney
Dave Sheridan
Bob "Bobby" Kearney
Andy Daly
Alanna Ubach


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A Haunted House
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