Red Sparrow (2018)

6.33 / Rated by 3 people

140 min.
Plot  In modern-day Russia, Dominika Egorova is a famed Russian ballerina who supports her ill mother. Following a career-ending injury, Dominika is approached by her uncle, Ivan, who works in Russian intelligence. She is tasked with seducing Dimitry Ustinov, a Russian politician, in exchange for her mother's continued medical care. As Ustinov rapes her, he is killed by Simionov, a Russian operative authorized by Ivan. Ivan offers Dominika a choice to begin working for Russian intelligence, or be executed so there are no witnesses.

Nate Nash is a CIA operative working in Moscow. While meeting with an asset in Gorky Park, they are confronted by the police. Nash creates a diversion to ensure his asset, a mole in Russian ranks code-named Marble, escapes detection. Nash is reassigned back to the U.S. but Nash insists that he is the only individual whom Marble will work with, and is assigned to Budapest (as he cannot go back to Russia) to regain contact with Marble.

Dominika is sen...



Jennifer Lawrence
Dominika Egorova
Joel Edgerton
Nate Nash
Jeremy Irons
General Vladimir Andreievich Korchnoi ·
Matthias Schoenaerts
Ivan Dimitrevich Egorov
Mary-Louise Parker
Senator Stephanie Boucher
Joely Richardson
Nina Egorova
Ciarán Hinds
Colonel Alexei Ivanovich Zyuganov
Bill Camp
Marty Gable
Hugh Quarshie
Simon Benford
Sakina Jaffrey
Trish Forsyth
Thekla Reuten
Marta Yelenova
Douglas Hodge
Maxim Volontov
Kristof Konrad
Dimitri Ustinov
Sergei Polunin


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Red Sparrow
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hassan rated Red Sparrow (2018) with 7.0 stars / 07.02.2019

Onur reviewed Red Sparrow (2018) / 15.07.2018

Yil olmus 2018. Halen 1.44 MB disket kullanmislar :)

Onur rated Red Sparrow (2018) with 6.0 stars / 15.07.2018

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  Onur - Yil olmus 2018. Halen 1.44 MB disket kullanmislar :)

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