Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017)

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129 min.
Plot  Roman J. Israel is a lawyer working for $500 a week at a small law firm in Los Angeles. In his two-partner office, Israel is responsible for preparing briefs, often focusing on the civil rights of their defendants, while William Jackson, the firm's owner and a well-respected professor, focuses on the courtroom appearances that Israel struggles with. Israel has spent years developing a brief that he believes will bring social reform to the unfair use of plea-bargaining to induce guilty pleas in the justice system. Though short on interpersonal skills, Israel is gifted with a phenomenal memory as well as strong personal convictions on the meaning of justice, which he has pursued at the expense of family.

Jackson suffers a fatal heart attack. The firm is broke and will close, all to be handled by Jackson’s former student, George Pierce. Pierce, who greatly admired Jackson and is impressed by Israel’s legal mind (“worth $250 an hour”), offers a job at his own large firm. Israel reje...



Denzel Washington
Roman J. Israel
Colin Farrell
George Pierce
Carmen Ejogo
Maya Alston
Nazneen Contractor
Melina Nassour
Amanda Warren
Lynn Jackson
Tony Plana
Jesse Salinas


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Roman J. Israel, Esq.
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