Bad Times at the El Royale  (2018)

8.25 / Rated by 2 people

140 min.
Plot  In 1959, a bank robber arrives at the El Royale hotel and buries a bag of money under the floor of one of the rooms. He is shot dead by a fellow robber who searches the room, but cannot find the money.

Ten years later, priest Daniel Flynn and singer Darlene Sweet arrive at the El Royale. While waiting in the hotel lobby they meet vacuum salesman Laramie Seymour Sullivan as well as the El Royale's only worker, Miles Miller. A woman named Emily Summerspring also arrives at the hotel while the group are picking their rooms. Sullivan takes Room 1, Flynn takes Room 4, Sweet takes Room 5 and Summerspring takes Room 7.

Upon entering the honeymoon suite, Sullivan finds and removes several bugs from the room, only to discover a second set of bugs planted around the room. He realizes that the dresser mirror is affixed to the wall, and upon searching, discovers a hidden passage behind the rooms. The mirrors have one-way glass, and a movie camera is set up to film the guests' rooms....



Jeff Bridges
Dock O'Kelly
Cynthia Erivo
Darlene Sweet
Dakota Johnson
Emily Summerspring
Hannah Zirke
Young Emily
Jon Hamm
Dwight Broadbeck
Cailee Spaeny
Rose Summerspring
Lewis Pullman
Miles Miller
Chris Hemsworth
Billy Lee
Nick Offerman
Felix O'Kelly
Xavier Dolan
Buddy Sunday
Shea Whigham
Dr. Woodbury Laurence
Mark O'Brien
Larsen Rogers
Jim O'Heir
Milton Wyrick


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Bad Times at the El Royale
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