Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

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159 min.
Plot  In 1969 Los Angeles, actor Rick Dalton, the former star of the Western television series ''Bounty Law'', finds his career faltering due to ongoing alcoholism issues. Dalton dwindles into a drawling functional binge alongside Cliff Booth, his best friend and stunt double, lamenting that his career is over. By contrast, Booth, a Vietnam War veteran who lives in a derelict trailer next to a drive-in in Van Nuys, seems happy and satisfied. Booth is rumored to have murdered his wife and gotten away with it.

Booth participates in a fists-meets-martial-arts duel on the set of ''The Green Hornet'' with Bruce Lee and wins. Later, Dalton, playing a black-hatted villain on a new series called ''Lancer'', gets into a philosophical chat about acting with his 8-year-old costar, a budding feminist and method actress.

Meanwhile, Sharon Tate and her husband, Roman Polanski, have rented their new home next to Dalton's at 10050 Cielo Drive. At a party at the Playboy Mansion, fellow acto...



Leonardo DiCaprio
Rick Dalton
Brad Pitt
Cliff Booth
Margot Robbie
Sharon Tate
Kurt Russell
Emile Hirsch
Jay Sebring
Burt Reynolds
George Spahn
Margaret Qualley
Timothy Olyphant
James Stacy
Austin Butler
Charles "Tex" Watson
Luke Perry
Wayne Maunder
Dakota Fanning
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
Bruce Dern
George Spahn
Al Pacino
Marvin Schwarzs
Damian Lewis
Steve McQueen
Scoot McNairy
Business Bob Gilbert
Clu Gulager
Kate Berlant
Damon Herriman
Charles Manson
Nichole Galicia
Leslie Baga
Ramón Franco
Craig Stark
Lena Dunham
Catherine Share
Tim Roth
James Marsden
Nicholas Hammond
Sam Wanamaker
Spencer Garrett
Allen Kincade
Mike Moh
Bruce Lee
Maurice Compte
Land Pirate Mao
Lew Temple
Land Pirate Lew
Lorenza Izzo
Francesca Cappucci
Rafal Zawierucha
Roman Polanski
Costa Ronin
Wojciech Frykowski
Samantha Robinson
Abigail Folger
Rumer Willis
Joanna Pettet
Dreama Walker
Connie Stevens
Victoria Pedretti
Leslie Van Houten
Madisen Beaty
Patricia Krenwinkel
Maya Hawke
Flower Child
Clifton Collins Jr.
Ernesto "The Mexican" Vaquero
Zoë Bell
Randy's wife
Keith Jefferson
Land Pirate Keith


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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
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