It Chapter Two (2019)

Plot  27 years after the events of the summer of 1989, the Losers' Club have grown up and moved away until a devastating phone call forces them to return to Derry, Maine when their ancient, shape-shifting nemesis It returns. As the group fulfill their childhood promise to reunite and destroy It once and for all, they are unaware the creature has returned stronger than ever and is awaiting their arrival, waiting to exact its wrathful vengeance on them.




Bill Skarsgård
It / Pennywise the Dancing Clown
James McAvoy
Bill Denbrough
Jaeden Lieberher
Young Bill.
Jessica Chastain
Beverly Marsh
Sophia Lillis
Young Beverly.
Jay Ryan
Ben Hanscom
Jeremy Ray Taylor
Young Ben.
Bill Hader
Richie Tozier
Finn Wolfhard
Young Richie.
Isaiah Mustafa
Mike Hanlon
Chosen Jacobs
Young Mike.
James Ransone
Eddie Kaspbrak
Jack Dylan Grazer
Young Eddie.
Wyatt Oleff
Young Stan.
Jess Weixler
Audra Phillips
Will Beinbrink
Tom Rogan
Xavier Dolan
Adrian Mellon


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It Chapter Two
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