Monster on the Campus (1958)

77 min.
Plot  Dr. Donald Blake (Arthur Franz), a science professor at Dunsford University, receives delivery of a coelacanth that he has purchased. A student, Jimmy (Troy Donahue), asks Blake if the fish is really a million years old. Blake replies, "It's the species that's old. No change in millions of years. See, the coelacanth is a living fossil, immune to the forces of evolution". Blake lectures his students about evolution and devolution, telling them that man is the only creature that can decide whether to move forwards or backwards, and that "unless we learn to control the instincts we've inherited from our ape-like ancestors, the race is doomed".

Inside the lab, Blake lifts the partially-thawed coelacanth, putting one hand inside its mouth. Blake scratches himself on its teeth and accidentally sticks the bloody hand into the water-filled container which held the fish. Molly Riordan (Helen Westcott), assistant to Dr. Cole Oliver (Whit Bissell), is with Blake and offers him a ride hom...



Joanna Moore
Madeline Howard
Troy Donahue
Jimmy Flanders
Whit Bissell
Dr. Oliver Cole
Ross Elliott
Sgt. Eddie Daniels


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Monster on the Campus
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