Generation War (2013) / Miniseries

Plot  There are three 90 minute parts: ''A Different Time'' (''''), ''A Different War'' (''''), and ''A Different Country'' ('''').

A Different Time

Shortly before the German invasion of the Soviet Union, five close friends have a party at a pub in Berlin. The brothers Wilhelm and Friedhelm are respectively an officer and enlisted man in the military. Viktor is a Jew whose father owns a tailor shop. Charlotte has just passed her examination to become a military nurse. Greta is a beautiful bartender who wishes to become a famous singer. The friends are hopeful that they will meet again by Christmas.

Wilhelm and Friedhelm witness some early victories as the German army advances toward Moscow. Charlotte gets used to seeing blood as she works near the front-line. Greta sleeps with a major in the Gestapo to advance her career as a singer, and to obtain documents for Viktor to flee to New York City. However, Viktor is arrested by the Gestapo and is put on a train ...



Volker Bruch
Wilhelm Winter
Tom Schilling
Friedhelm Winter
Katharina Schüttler
Greta Muller
Miriam Stein
Sylvester Groth
Sturmbannfuhrer / Standartenfuhrer Hiemer
Joel Basman


All Titles

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter
German Original Title
Generation War
English Title

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