Warlock (1959)

122 min.
Plot  Warlock is a small Utah mining town of the early 1880s. Cowboys working for Abe McQuown often come into town to shoot the place up, kill on just a whim, beating or humiliating any sheriff who tries to stand up to them. The Citizens' Committee decides to hire Clay Blaisedell, a renowned gunfighter, as town marshal in spite of the misgivings of some, such as old Judge Holloway who insists that the situation should be handled within the law (though a loophole prevents it from being done effectively).

Blaisedell, famous for his golden-handled revolvers, arrives in Warlock with his devoted friend, Tom Morgan, his club-footed, right-hand man, who is no slouch with a gun himself. Morgan has a reputation as a heavy-drinking gambler, but Blaisedell insists that Morgan is part of the package. They even take over the local saloon and rename it the "French Palace" (something they appear to have done in previous towns, since they bring the signboard with them).

Their first encount...



Richard Widmark
Johnny Gannon
Henry Fonda
Clay Blaisedell
Anthony Quinn
Tom Morgan
Dolores Michaels
Jessie Marlow
Tom Drake
Abe McQuown
DeForest Kelley
Curley Burne
Whit Bissell
Paul Comi
Luke Friendly (uncredited)
Roy Jenson
Hasty (uncredited)
L.Q. Jones
Fen Jiggs (uncredited)
Gary Lockwood
Gang member (uncredited)
Joe Turkel
Chet Haggin (uncredited)


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