Bolt (2008)

96 min.
Plot  A White Shepherd puppy named Bolt is adopted by an eight-year-old girl named Penny. Five years later, Bolt and Penny star in a hit television series called ''Bolt'', in which Bolt uses various superpowers to protect Penny from the villain. To gain a more realistic performance, the show's producers have deceived Bolt his entire life, arranging the filming in such a way that Bolt believes everything in the show is real and that he really has superpowers, including a devastatingly powerful sonic scream-like "superbark". After a cliffhanger episode causes Bolt to believe Penny has been kidnapped, he escapes from his on-set trailer in Hollywood but knocks himself unconscious and is trapped inside a box of foam peanuts which is shipped to New York City.

In New York, Bolt resumes his search for Penny and quickly finds that his "superpowers" are useless. He encounters Mittens, a feral cat who bullies pigeons out of their food. Bolt compels Mittens to guide him back to Penny — Mittens ...


John Travolta
Bolt (voice only)
Susie Essman
Mittens (voice only)
Miley Cyrus
Penny (voice only)
Chloë Grace Moretz
Young Penny (voice only)
Malcolm McDowell
Dr. Calico (voice only)
Nick Swardson
Blake (voice only)
Greg Germann
The Agent (voice only)
J. P. Manoux
Tom (voice only)
John DiMaggio
Saul (voice only)


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