Fear and Desire (1953)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

62 min.
Plot  ''Fear and Desire'' opens with an off-screen narration by actor David Allen who tells the audience:

:There is a war in this forest. Not a war that has been fought, nor one that will be, but any war. And the enemies who struggle here do not exist unless we call them into being. This forest then, and all that happens now is outside history. Only the unchanging shapes of fear and doubt and death are from our world. These soldiers that you see keep our language and our time, but have no other country but the mind.

The story is set during a war between two unidentified countries. An airplane carrying four soldiers from one country has crashed six miles behind enemy lines. The soldiers come upon a river and build a raft, hoping they can use the waterway to reach their battalion. As they are building their raft, they are approached by a young peasant girl who does not speak their language. The soldiers apprehend the girl and bind her to a tree with their belts. The youngest ...



Frank Silvera
Sgt. Mac
Kenneth Harp
Lt. Corby / The General
Paul Mazursky
Pvt. Sidney
Steve Coit
Pvt. Fletcher / The Captain
Virginia Leith
The Girl


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Fear and Desire
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