Killer's Kiss (1955)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

67 min.
Plot  The drama begins with Davey in his apartment room, mentally preparing for a big fight against Kid Rodriguez. On the other side of the building across the courtyard, he gazes upon Gloria, an attractive taxi dancer, getting ready for work. As they both walk out of the building, they run into each other but say nothing. Gloria is picked up by her boss Vincent.

As Davey is losing his fight, Gloria is dealing with her boss in his office as he tries to kiss her repeatedly. That evening Davey is awakened by screams coming from Gloria's apartment. As he looks across the courtyard, he sees that Gloria is being attacked by Vincent. He runs to her room, but Vincent has made his getaway. Davey comforts Gloria and she goes to sleep comfortable that Davey is in the room to protect her. However, Vincent is not deterred and proceeds to interfere in their lives. When they decide to leave town, Davey and Gloria arrange to get money they are each owed. Gloria tries to get money from Vincent at the...



Jamie Smith
Davey Gordon
Irene Kane
Gloria Price
Frank Silvera
Vincent Rapallo
Jerry Jarrett
Felice Orlandi
Ruth Sobotka


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Killer's Kiss
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