Paths of Glory (1957)

8.0 / Rated by 2 people

88 min.
Plot  The film begins with a voiceover describing the trench warfare situation of World War I up to 1916. In a château, General Georges Broulard (Adolphe Menjou), a member of the French General Staff, asks his subordinate, the ambitious General Mireau (George Macready), to send his division on a suicide mission to take a well-defended German position called the "Anthill." Mireau initially refuses, citing the impossibility of success, but when Broulard mentions a potential promotion, Mireau quickly convinces himself the attack will succeed.

Mireau proceeds to walk through the trenches, asking several soldiers, "Ready to kill more Germans?" He throws a disturbed private (Fred Bell) out of the regiment for showing signs of shell shock, which Mireau denies the existence of. Mireau leaves the detailed planning of the attack to the 701st Regiment’s Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas), despite Dax's protests that the only result of the attack will be to weaken the French Army with heavy losses for no...



Kirk Douglas
Colonel Dax
Ralph Meeker
Corporal Philippe Paris
Adolphe Menjou
Major General Georges Broulard
George Macready
Brigadier General Paul Mireau
Wayne Morris
Lieutenant Roget
Richard Anderson
Major Saint
Joe Turkel
Private Pierre Arnaud
Christiane Kubrick
German Singer
Jerry Hausner
Cafe Proprietor
Peter Capell
President of the Court Martial
Peter Capell
Emile Meyer
Father Dupree
Bert Freed
Staff Sergeant Boulanger
Timothy Carey
Private Maurice Ferol
James B. Harris
Soldier in Attack (uncredited)


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Paths of Glory
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