Barry Lyndon (1975)

8.25 / Rated by 2 people

187 min.
Plot  Part I

:''By What Means Redmond Barry Acquired the Style and Title of Barry Lyndon''

An omniscient (though possibly unreliable) narrator relates that in 1750s Ireland, the father of Redmond Barry is killed in a duel over a sale of some horses. The widow, disdaining offers of marriage, devotes herself to her only son.

Barry becomes infatuated with his older cousin, Nora Brady. Though she charms him during a card game, she later shows interest in a well-off British Army captain, John Quin, much to Barry's dismay. Nora and her family plan to leverage their finances through marriage, while Barry holds Quin in contempt and escalates the situation to a duel, when Barry shoots Quin. In the aftermath, he flees from the police towards Dublin, and is robbed by Captain Feeney, a highwayman.

Dejected, Barry joins the British Army. Some time after, he encounters Captain Grogan, a family friend. Grogan informs him that Barry did not in fact kill Quin, his d...



Michael Hordern
Ryan O'Neal
Redmond Barry
Marisa Berenson
Lady Lyndon
Patrick Magee
The Chevalier du Balibari
Hardy Krüger
Captain Potzdorf
Gay Hamilton
Nora Brady
Godfrey Quigley
Captain Grogan
Steven Berkoff
Lord Ludd
Wolf Kahler
Prince of Tubingen
Marie Kean
Murray Melvin
Reverend Samuel Runt
Frank Middlemass
Sir Charles Reginald Lyndon
Leon Vitali
Lord Bullingdon
Dominic Savage
Young Bullingdon
Leonard Rossiter
Captain John Quin
André Morell
Lord Wendover
Anthony Sharp
Lord Hallam
Philip Stone
David Morley
Bryan Patrick Lyndon
Diana Koerner
Arthur O'Sullivan
Captain Feeney
Billy Boyle
Seamus Feeney
Roger Booth
King George III


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Barry Lyndon
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