Catch .44 (2011)

94 min.
Plot  Three women, Tes, Dawn and Kara, work for Mel, a drug boss. Mel tells them to intercept a truck driver bringing rival drugs to a diner at night. The women wait for the driver at the diner, but when they fail to see the driver, they draw guns on the staff and customers of the diner and demand to know if anyone knows who the driver is. A shootout ends in a standoff between Tes and Billy, the cook, who also works for Mel. Soon, Ronny, another associate of Mel, enters the diner. Billy recognizes Ronny and fears he was sent to kill him. The standoff ends with more gunshots, after which Mel arrives at the diner and finds Ronny alive. Mel shoots Ronny but Tes, who is also alive, shoots Mel and escapes.




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Catch .44
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