Fatal Attraction (1987)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

119 min.
Plot  Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) is a successful, happily married New York attorney living in Manhattan when he meets Alexandra "Alex" Forrest (Glenn Close), an editor for a publishing company, through business. While his wife, Beth (Anne Archer), and daughter, Ellen (Ellen Hamilton Latzen), are out of town for the weekend, he has a passionate affair with Alex at her apartment in the Meatpacking district. Though he thought it was understood to be a simple fling, she begins clinging to him.

Dan explains that he must go home and Alex cuts her wrists in a suicide attempt. He helps her to bandage them and later leaves. He thinks the affair is forgotten, but she shows up at various places to see him. She waits at his office one day to apologize and invites him to the opera, but he turns her down. She then continues to telephone until he tells his secretary that he will no longer take her calls. She then phones his home at all hours, and then confronts him saying that she is pregnant...



Michael Douglas
Dan Gallagher
Glenn Close
Alexandra "Alex" Forrest
Anne Archer
Beth Rogerson Gallagher
Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Ellen Gallagher
Ellen Foley
Fred Gwynne
Meg Mundy
Joan Rogerson
Lois Smith
Mike Nussbaum
Bob Drimmer
J. J. Johnston
Jane Krakowski


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Fatal Attraction
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