Jacob's Ladder (1990)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

113 min.
Plot  On October 6, 1971, American soldier Jacob Singer is with the 1st Air Cavalry Division, deployed in a village in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War, when his unit comes under heavy fire from the treeline. Many of Jacob's comrades are killed or wounded, while others begin to exhibit very abnormal behavior, some going catatonic and others collapsing into bloody seizures. Horrified, Jacob attempts to flee into the jungle, only to be stabbed in the stomach with a bayonet by an unseen attacker.

In 1975, Jacob wakes up in the New York City Subway, dressed as a postal worker and with a copy of the novel ''The Stranger'' in his hands. After Jacob finds himself locked in the underground he tries to escape via the tracks, where he is nearly hit by a train. The film then shifts back and forth between Jacob's chaotic memories of Vietnam, as well as memories of his late son Gabe, (who was hit by a car and killed prior to the war) and ex-wife Sarah, to his present life as a mailman liv...



Tim Robbins
Jacob "Professor" Singer
Elizabeth Peña
Jezebel "Jezzie" Pipkin
Danny Aiello
Louis Denardo
Matt Craven
Michael Newman
Jason Alexander
Mr. Geary
Ving Rhames
Kyle Gass
Lewis Black
Jacob's doctor
Perry Lang
Jacob's assailant
Macaulay Culkin
Gabe Singer (uncredited)


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Jacob's Ladder
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