After.Life (2009)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

104 min.
Plot  Middle school teacher Anna Taylor (Christina Ricci) attends a funeral of her piano teacher where she encounters the solemn owner of the funeral home, Eliot Deacon (Liam Neeson). That night Anna argues with her boyfriend Paul (Justin Long), leaves in a panic, and gets in a traffic accident. She awakens in a morgue finding the morgue director, Eliot, dressing her wounds and telling her she has died. He tells Anna he has a gift to assist the dead accept their deaths. It is revealed that Eliot talks to the dead and has a collection of photographs of corpses whom, it is implied, he has helped to "cross over". Eliot injects Anna regularly with a chemical to "relax the muscles and keep rigor mortis from setting in."

Anna unsuccessfully attempts to escape several times; Eliot tells her she must let go of life as she had not really been living anyway. Eventually, Anna escapes and finds a room with a phone where she reaches Paul, who hangs up thinking it's a prank. Anna comes to ...


Christina Ricci
Anna Taylor
Liam Neeson
Eliot Deacon
Justin Long
Paul Coleman
Josh Charles
Tom Peterson
Celia Weston
Beatrice Taylor
Rosemary Murphy
Mrs Whitehall
Malachy McCourt
Father Graham
Alice Drummond
Mrs. Hutton


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