Sweet Liberty (1986)

106 min.
Plot  College history professor Michael Burgess (Alan Alda) is about to have his fact-based historical novel about The American Revolution turned into a Hollywood motion picture being filmed in the North Carolina town where he lives.

Michael's book is being converted into a steamy tale of lust and betrayal with two movie stars, the egotistical lothario Elliott James (Michael Caine) and the seemingly sweet Method actress Faith Healy (Michelle Pfeiffer).

The excitement of having show-business people in town is short-lived when Michael becomes increasingly exasperated seeing his novel get mauled beyond all recognition by a low-brow scriptwriter (Bob Hoskins) and a condescending director (Saul Rubinek). They want a Hollywood version of history, complete with rebellion against authority, violence, nudity and a total distortion of the truth.

While both stars argue for more screen time, Michael must also deal with his ancient mother Cecilia (Lillian Gish) and his girlfri...



Alan Alda
Michael Burgess
Michael Caine
Elliott James
Michelle Pfeiffer
Faith Healy
Bob Hoskins
Stanley Gould
Lise Hilboldt
Gretchen Carlsen
Lillian Gish
Cecelia Burgess
Saul Rubinek
Bo Hodges
Lois Chiles
Linda Thorson
Grace James


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Sweet Liberty
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