Klute (1971)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

114 min.
Plot  A Pennsylvania chemical company executive, Tom Gruneman, has disappeared. The police reveal that an obscene letter was found in Gruneman's office, addressed to a prostitute in New York City named Bree Daniels, who had received several similar letters. After six months of fruitless police work, Peter Cable, a fellow executive at Gruneman's company, hires family friend and detective John Klute to investigate Gruneman's disappearance.

Klute rents an apartment in the basement of Bree's building, taps her phone, and follows her as she turns tricks. Bree appears to be liberated by the freedom of freelancing as a call girl while trying to get into acting and modelling, but in a series of visits to her psychiatrist, she reveals the emptiness of her life. Bree refuses to answer Klute's questions at first. After learning that he has been watching her, Bree says she does not recognize Gruneman. She acknowledges being beaten by a john two years earlier, but cannot identify Gruneman from a...



Jane Fonda
Bree Daniels
Donald Sutherland
John Klute
Charles Cioffi
Peter Cable
Roy Scheider
Frank Ligourin
Dorothy Tristan
Arlyn Page
Rita Gam
Vivian Nathan
Jane White
Janie Dale
Shirley Stoler
Momma Reese
Robert Milli
Tom Gruneman
Anthony Holland
Actor's Agent
Richard Shull
Mary Louise Wilson
Producer in Adv. Agency
Jean Stapleton
Goldfarb's Secretary
Teri Garr
Psychiatrist's Receptionist (uncredited)
Lee Wallace
Nate Goldfarb (uncredited)
Veronica Hamel
Model (uncredited)
Kevin Dobson
Man at Bar (uncredited)
Richard Jordan
Man in Bar kissing Bree Daniels (uncredited)
Sylvester Stallone
Club Patron (uncredited)


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