All the President's Men (1976)

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138 min.
Plot  In June 1972, a security guard (Frank Wills, playing himself) at the Watergate complex finds a door kept unlocked with tape. He calls the police, who find and arrest five burglars in the Democratic National Committee headquarters within the complex. The next morning, ''The Washington Post'' assigns new reporter Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) to the local courthouse to cover the story, which is thought to be of minor importance.

Woodward learns that the five men, four Cuban-Americans from Miami and James W. McCord, Jr., had bugging equipment and have their own "country club" attorney. McCord identifies himself in court as having recently left the Central Intelligence Agency and the others also have CIA ties. Woodward connects the burglars to E. Howard Hunt, a former employee of the CIA, and President Richard Nixon's Special Counsel Charles Colson.

Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), another ''Post'' reporter, is assigned to cover the Watergate story with Woodward. The two ...



Dustin Hoffman
Carl Bernstein
Robert Redford
Bob Woodward
Jack Warden
Harry M. Rosenfeld
Martin Balsam
Howard Simons
Hal Holbrook
"Deep Throat"
Jason Robards
Ben Bradlee
Jane Alexander
Judy Hoback Miller
Meredith Baxter
Deborah Murray Sloan
Ned Beatty
Martin Dardis
Stephen Collins
Hugh W. Sloan
Penny Fuller
Sally Aiken
Penny Peyser
Sharon Lyons
Lindsay Crouse
Kay Eddy
Robert Walden
Donald Segretti
F. Murray Abraham
Sgt. Paul Leeper
David Arkin
Eugene Bachinski
Richard Herd
James W. McCord
Dominic Chianese
Eugenio Martínez
Ron Hale
Frank Sturgis
Nicolas Coster
Joshua Shelley
Al Lewis
Polly Holliday
Dardis' secretary
James Karen
Hugh Sloan's lawyer
Basil Hoffman
Assistant metro editor
John McMartin
Foreign Editor
Paul Lambert
National Editor
Richard Venture
Assistant Metro Editor
John Furlong
News Desk Editor
Valerie Curtin
Miss Milland
Allyn Ann McLerie
Carolyn Abbott
Christopher Murray
Photo Aide


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