Angel Heart (1987)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

113 min.
Plot  The movie opens in New York City, in January 1955. Harry Angel (Rourke), a downtrodden private investigator, is contacted by an attorney named Herman Winesap (Dann Florek) and instructed to meet a client named Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) in a Harlem church. While a competent detective, Angel is notably unshaven, unkempt and slovenly; he avoids looking at himself in mirrors. Cyphre could not be more different, he is an elegant, mysterious man who affects a beard, long hair and nails, and carries a cane. He tells Angel about a popular pre-war crooner named John Liebling, known as Johnny Favorite, who suffered severe neurological trauma resulting from injuries he received in World War II. Favorite's incapacitation disrupted a contract with Cyphre regarding unspecified collateral, and Cyphre believes that a private upstate hospital where Favorite was receiving radical psychiatric treatment for shell shock has falsified records, deliberately preventing the contract from being fulfille...  



Mickey Rourke
Harry Angel
Robert De Niro
Louis Cyphre
Lisa Bonet
Epiphany Proudfoot
Charlotte Rampling
Margaret Krusemark
Stocker Fontelieu
Ethan Krusemark
Brownie McGhee
Toots Sweet
Michael Higgins
Dr. Albert Fowler
Charles Gordone
Spider Simpson
Dann Florek
Herman Winesap


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Angel Heart
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