21 Grams (2003)

8.12 / Rated by 4 people

124 min.
Plot  The story is told in a non-linear manner. The following is a linear, chronological summary of the plot:

Jack Jordan is a former convict who is using his new-found religious faith to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism. Paul Rivers is a mathematics professor married with a dedicated wife, Mary Rivers and with a fatal heart condition. Unless he receives a new heart from an organ donor, he will not live longer than one month. Paul's wife wants him to donate his sperm so she can have his baby even if he dies. Cristina Peck is also a recovering drug addict and now lives a normal suburban life with a supportive husband and two children. She is a loving mother and active swimmer who has left her days of drugs and booze behind. These three separate stories/characters become tied together one evening when Jack kills Cristina's husband and children in a hit-and-run accident. Her husband's heart is donated to Paul, who begins his recovery.

Cristina is devastated by the lo...


Sean Penn
Paul Rivers
Naomi Watts
Cristina Peck
Benicio Del Toro
Jack Jordan
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Mary Rivers
Danny Huston
John Rubinstein
Clea DuVall
Eddie Marsan
Reverend John
Melissa Leo
Marianne Jordan
Denis O'Hare
Dr. Rothberg
Lew Temple
County Sheriff


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21 Grams
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rifai rated 21 Grams (2003) with 8.5 stars / 25.01.2016

TonyMontana rated 21 Grams (2003) with 8.0 stars / 12.01.2015

tuncer rated 21 Grams (2003) with 8.0 stars / 25.08.2014

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