Babel (2006)

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143 min.
Plot  ''Babel'' focuses on four interrelated sets of situations and characters, and many events are revealed out of sequence. The following plot summary has been simplified and thus does not reflect the exact sequence of the events on screen.

Interestingly, the three settings for the plot are located on approximately the same latitude with each approximately 120° apart in longitude.


In a remote desert location in Morocco, Abdullah, a goatherder, buys a high-powered .270 Winchester M70 rifle and a box of ammunition from his neighbor Hassan Ibrahim to shoot the jackals that have been preying on his goats. Abdullah gives the rifle to his two young sons, Yussef and Ahmed, and sends them out to tend the herd. The film has already established that there is a degree of competitiveness between the two brothers. The older is critical of the younger for spying on his sister while she changes her clothes (the film shows that she is aware of his peeping). Compet...


Brad Pitt
Richard Jones
Cate Blanchett
Susan Jones
Driss Roukhe
Robert Fyfe
Tourist Number 14
Adriana Barraza
Amelia Hernández
Elle Fanning
Debbie Jones
Nathan Gamble
Mike Jones
Clifton Collins Jr.
Police Officer at Mexican border.
Michael Peña
Officer John
Rinko Kikuchi
Chieko Wataya
Koji Yakusho
Yasujiro Wataya


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