The Oxford Murders (2008)

6.0 / Rated by 2 people

108 min.
Plot  In 1993, Martin (Elijah Wood), a US student at the University of Oxford, wants Arthur Seldom (Hurt) as his thesis supervisor. He idolises Seldom and has learned all about him. He takes accommodation in Oxford at the house of Mrs. Eagleton (Anna Massey), an old friend of Seldom. Also in the house is her daughter, Beth (Julie Cox), who is her full-time caregiver — which she resents bitterly — and a musician by occupation.

In a public lecture, Seldom quotes Wittgenstein's ''Tractatus'' to deny the possibility of absolute truth. Hoping to impress his idol, Martin disputes this, asserting his faith in the absolute truth of mathematics: "I believe in the number pi". Seldom humiliates him, ridiculing his arguments and making him look foolish in front of the audience. Disillusioned, Martin decides to abandon his studies and goes to his office to collect his belongings. There, he encounters his office-mate, a bitter mathematician Podorov (Burn Gorman), who also failed to become a stud...



Elijah Wood
John Hurt
Arthur Seldom
Julie Cox
Beth Eagleton
Burn Gorman
Yuri Ivanovich Podorov
Jim Carter
Inspector Petersen
Anna Massey
Mrs. Julia Eagleton
Alex Cox


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The Oxford Murders
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