Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

7.33 / Rated by 3 people

Science Fiction
89 min.
Plot  30 days after the contamination of The Hive, the Umbrella Corporation unwisely sends in a research team to re-open the complex and investigate the incident, since no one survived except Alice and Matt Addison, and as Alice was experimented on, Matt was put into a mysterious "Nemesis Program". When the team reprograms and opens the sealed blast doors, it is slaughtered by the massive crowd of infected.

With the infected released outside, they reach Raccoon City, spreading the infection among the general populace. Two days after the infection has spread to the surface, Umbrella, worried about possible worldwide contamination, quarantines Raccoon City and establishes a security perimeter around it. However, a girl named Angela Ashford (Sophie Vavasseur), daughter of a Level 6 Umbrella researcher Dr. Charles Ashford (Jared Harris), who is also the T-virus creator, goes missing, after an Umbrella security car transporting her out of Raccoon City suffers a traffic accident.




Sienna Guillory
Jill Valentine
Oded Fehr
Carlos Olivera
Thomas Kretschmann
Major Timothy Cain
Sophie Vavasseur
Angela Ashford
Jared Harris
Dr. Charles Ashford
Mike Epps
Lloyd Jefferson "L.J." Wade
Iain Glen
Dr. Sam Isaacs
Eric Mabius
Matt Addison
Raz Adoti
Peyton Wells
Sandrine Holt
Terri Morales
Zack Ward
Nicholai Ginovaef
Megan Fahlenbock
Marla Maples
Chris Benson
Lance Halloran


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Resident Evil: Apocalypse
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