Play Dirty (1969)

7.25 / Rated by 2 people

117 min.
Plot  In North Africa in World War II, Captain Douglas (Caine) is a BP employee seconded to the Royal Engineers to oversee handling incoming fuel supplies for the British 8th Army. A Popski's Private Army-style colonel (Green) is told he must have a regular officer to lead one of his units on a dangerous mission to destroy an Afrika Korps fuel depot.

Douglas, who is an expert in fuel pipes and installations, is chosen despite protesting that he is only a port contractor with an honorary commission. Douglas's C.O. dismisses his pleas noting that he is wearing a British Army officer's uniform and therefore can't disobey the order. So Douglas departs on what seems like a fantasy adventure when he is taken to a Senussi cafe, which is a front for Masters HQ, there Douglas bumps into Cyril Leech. Leech, a convicted criminal rescued from prison by Masters to lead his unit's sabotage missions, directs Douglas to Masters office.

Next day, after being briefed and outfitted in Italia...



Michael Caine
Capt. Douglas
Nigel Davenport
Capt. Cyril Leech
Nigel Green
Col. Masters
Harry Andrews
Brigadier Blore
Patrick Jordan
Major Alan Watkins
Daniel Pilon
Capt. Attwood
Bernard Archard
Col. Homerton
Vivian Pickles
A German Nurse
Stanley Caine
A German Officer


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Play Dirty
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montbravo rated Play Dirty (1969) with 7.5 stars / 16.10.2015

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