Maria's Lovers (1984)

109 min.
Plot  In the spring of 1946, Ivan, an American soldier, returns home psychologically scarred after spending some time in a Japanese prison camp during World War II. Once back in his small Pennsylvania town, Ivan settles in, trying to put his life back together while living with his stoic peasant father.

Shortly after his arrival, Ivan looks for his childhood sweetheart, Maria, a beautiful woman who is taking care of her old deaf grandmother. However, he is disappointed to find Maria in the arms of Al, a captain. Ivan's father thinks that Maria is too good for his son, but perhaps good enough for himself. He pairs his son with Mrs Wynic, a flirty neighbor. Ivan has sex with her, but he is tormented by the traumas of the war. He tells her that it was his dreams about Maria that allowed him to survive the prison camp.

Ivan is given a hero's welcoming by his community, formed by immigrants from Yugoslavia. During the celebrations, when Al goes to dance with one of Maria's frien...



Robert Mitchum
Ivan’s father
Keith Carradine
Anita Morris
Mrs. Wynic
Bud Cort
Vincent Spano
Al Griselli
Karen Young
John Goodman


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Maria's Lovers
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