Runaway Train (1985)

110 min.
Plot  The story follows the escape of two men from an Alaska prison, the efforts of a railroad dispatch office to safely stop the out-of-control train they are on, and the hunt by their warden to recapture them.

Oscar "Manny" Manheim is a ruthless bank robber and hero to the convicts of Stonehaven Maximum Security Prison. After two previous escape attempts the doors to Manny's cell have been welded shut for three years. A court order compels Manny's nemesis, the vindictive and sadistic Associate Warden Ranken, to release him back into the general prison population. Manny intends to break out a third time with his older brother Jonah Manheim, but is forced to set his escape plan into action in the middle of winter. Ranken employs a serial killer to give Manny the incentive, by stabbing him grievously through his left hand. Jonah fatally stabs the serial killer to death in retaliation, and in turn is severely beaten by the prison guard, leaving him in a high-security hospital wing.  



Jon Voight
Oscar "Manny" Manheim
Eric Roberts
Buck McGeehy
Kyle T. Heffner
Frank Barstow
John P. Ryan
T. K. Carter
Dave Prince
Kenneth McMillan
Eddie MacDonald
John Bloom
Tall Con
Danny Trejo
Dennis Franz
Cop (uncredited)
Hank Worden
Old Con
Tom Lister Jr.


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Runaway Train
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