The Fugitive (1993)

7.0 / Rated by 1 people

130 min.
Plot  Dr. Richard Kimble (Ford), a prominent Chicago vascular surgeon, arrives home one night to find his wife Helen (Ward) fatally wounded by a one-armed man. Although Kimble struggles with the killer, the assailant escapes. The lack of evidence of a break-in, his being the beneficiary of Helen's lucrative life insurance, and a misunderstood 9-1-1 call, result in his conviction of first degree murder. On his way to death row aboard a bus, his fellow prisoners attempt an escape. The pandemonium results in a number of dead and wounded, causing the bus to fall down a ravine and into the path of an oncoming train. Kimble escapes the destructive collision and flees the scene. Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard (Jones), and his colleagues Renfro (Pantoliano), Biggs (Roebuck), Newman (Wood) and Poole (Caldwell), arrive at the crash site and formulate a search plan to apprehend the escaped convicts. Kimble sneaks into a hospital to treat his wounds and alter his appearance. He eludes the authorities...  



Harrison Ford
Dr. Richard Kimble
Tommy Lee Jones
Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard
Sela Ward
Helen Kimble
Joe Pantoliano
Deputy U.S. Marshal Cosmo Renfro
Andreas Katsulas
Fredrick Sykes
Jeroen Krabbé
Dr. Charles Nichols
Daniel Roebuck
Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Biggs
Tom Wood
Deputy U.S. Marshal Noah Newman
L. Scott Caldwell
Deputy U.S. Marshal Erin Poole
Julianne Moore
Dr. Anne Eastman
Ron Dean
Detective Kelly
Jane Lynch
Dr. Kathy Wahlund


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The Fugitive
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