Holes (2003)

117 min.
Plot  Stanley Yelnats IV is a good-hearted teenager born to a family who have been cursed to be unlucky - a misfortune they blame on an ancestor's failure to keep a promise to a fortune teller decades ago in Latvia. One day, Stanley is falsely arrested for stealing a pair of sneakers that were donated to charity by a famous baseball player Clyde Livingston also known as "Sweet Feet". Upon conviction Stanley decides to attend Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention camp, in lieu of serving his time in jail.

He arrives to find that the camp is a dried-up lake run by the Warden, Louise Walker, her assistant Mr. Sir, and camp counselor Dr. Pendanski. Prisoners spend each day digging holes in the desert to "build character." The inmates are told that they may earn a day off, if they find anything interesting. After finding a golden lipstick tube initialed K.B. and a fossil, Stanley is accepted into the group. After taking the blame for Magnet's stealing of Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds, Stanl...



Shia LaBeouf
Stanley "Caveman" Yelnats IV
Khleo Thomas
Hector "Zero" Zeroni
Sigourney Weaver
The Warden
Jon Voight
Marion Sevillo/Mr. Sir
Tim Blake Nelson
Dr. Kiowa "Mom" Pendanski
Brenden Jefferson
Rex "X-Ray"
Max Kasch
Ricky "Zigzag"
Zane Holtz
Louis "Barf Bag"
Siobhan Fallon Hogan
Tiffany Yelnats
Henry Winkler
Stanley Yelnats III
Nathan Davis
Stanley Yelnats Jr.
Shelley Malil
The Yelnats' Landlord
Rick Fox
Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston
Eartha Kitt
Madame Zeroni
Sanya Mateyas
Myra Menke
Ravil Isyanov
Morris Menke
Ken Davitian
Igor Barkov
Patricia Arquette
Kissin' Kate Barlow
Scott Plank
Charles "Trout" Walker
Dulé Hill
Sam the Onion Man
Louis Sachar
Mr. Collingwood
Roma Maffia
Atty. Carla Morengo
Gary Bullock


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