The Guardian (2006)

139 min.
Plot  Ben Randall (Kevin Costner) is the top rescue swimmer at the United States Coast Guard's Aviation Survival Technician (AST) program. Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher) is a hot-shot candidate for AST, who was ranked as a top competitive swimmer in high school with scholarships to every Ivy league college, but he opted to enlist in the Coast Guard. The film's title is introduced by a mythic tale: people lost at sea often claim they feel a presence lifting them to the surface, breathing life into their bodies while they are waiting for help to arrive. They call this presence "The Guardian".

Ben is confronted by his wife, who requests a separation due to his frequent time at work. He receives a page for an immediate rescue. Out at sea, he loses his rescue team in an HH-60J Jayhawk helicopter crash and, while waiting in a survival raft, his best friend, Chief Petty Officer Carl Billings (Omari Hardwick), dies. Shaken, Ben is forced to either retire or teach at a Coast Guard training sc...



Kevin Costner
Senior Chief Aviation Survival Technician Ben Randall
Ashton Kutcher
Airman/Petty Officer 3rd Class Jake Fischer
Neal McDonough
Chief Aviation Survival Technician Jack Skinner
Melissa Sagemiller
Emily Thomas
Clancy Brown
Captain William Hadley
Brian Geraghty
Aviation Survival Technician Third Class Billy Hodge
Sela Ward
Helen Randall
Omari Hardwick
Chief Petty Officer Carl Billings
Michael Rady
Bonnie Bramlett
Maggie McGlone
John Heard
Captain Frank Larson
Dulé Hill
Airman Ken Weatherly
Brian Patrick Wade
Mitch Lyons
Joe Arquette
Co-Pilot Antunez
Tilky Jones
Tilky Flint


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The Guardian
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