All Good Things (2010)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

101 min.
Plot  In 1970s New York City, David Marks (Gosling), the son of a powerful real estate tycoon, marries a beautiful working-class student, Katie McCarthy (Dunst). Together they flee the city for country life in Vermont—only to be lured back by David's father. Upon their return, Katie goes back to college and eventually applies to a medical school while trying to understand David's mood swings and unwillingness to have children. As she becomes increasingly independent, David mysteriously turns more violent and controlling. Family secrets are slowly revealed, and then Katie disappears without a trace. Years later, when David's best friend is found dead, the 20-year-old case is re-opened, with David as the main suspect.




Ryan Gosling
David Marks
Kirsten Dunst
Katie McCarthy
Frank Langella
Sanford Marks
Lily Rabe
Deborah Lehrman
Philip Baker Hall
Malvern Bump
Michael Esper
Daniel Marks
Diane Venora
Janice Rizzo
Nick Offerman
Jim McCarthy
Kristen Wiig
Lauren Fleck
Stephen Kunken
Todd Fleck
John Cullum
Richard Panatierre
Maggie Kiley
Mary McCarthy
Liz Stauber
Sharon McCarthy
Marion McCorry
Ann McCarthy


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All Good Things
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