Lord of War (2005)

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123 min.
Plot  The film begins with a voice-over introduction by Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage), a Ukrainian-American gunrunner: Over 550 million firearms worldwide means one firearm per twelve people on the planet; he wonders how to arm the other eleven. Opening credits are set to the Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth", and depict the life of a 7.62×39mm cartridge from construction in a Soviet Union weapons factory, to being shipped across the world to an African warzone, loaded into the magazine of an AK-47, and fired into the head of a child soldier.

In the early 1980s, Yuri is visiting a Brighton Beach restaurant, where a Russian mobster kills two would-be assassins. He is inspired to go into the arms trade, comparing the constant need for weapons to the similar human need for food. At his father's synagogue, he contacts an Israeli to obtain an illegal Uzi. After completing the first sale, Yuri convinces his brother Vitaly (Jared Leto) to become his partner, and they leave their j...



Nicolas Cage
Yuri Orlov
Ethan Hawke
Jack Valentine
Jared Leto
Vitaly Orlov
Bridget Moynahan
Ava Fontaine
Eamonn Walker
André Baptiste Sr.
Ian Holm
Simeon Weisz
Donald Sutherland
Colonel Oliver Southern (voice only)
Eugene Lazarev
General Dmitri Orlov
Liya Kebede


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Lord of War
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