The Ice Storm (1997)

8.0 / Rated by 2 people

113 min.
Plot  At a dinner party at the Carvers' house, the adults discuss pop culture references that defined the 1970s: the Watergate scandal, swinging parties for married couples, and the pornographic film ''Deep Throat''. The Hood family includes Ben, Elena, and their children, 16-year-old Paul and 14-year-old Wendy. Their neighbors, the Carvers, include Jim, Janey, and their children: Mikey and Sandy.

Ben, dissatisfied in his marriage and with the futility of his career, is having an affair with Janey. Elena is bored with her life and is looking to expand her thinking but is unsure of how to do so. Wendy enjoys sexual games with her school peers. Paul, an occasional drug user, is trying to bed his schoolmate Libbets Casey. Jim's sons are lonely and confused: Mikey plays along with Wendy's sexual games, while Sandy, obsessed with violence, also is attracted to Wendy.

Jim travels for his job and is, for the most part, not involved in his children's lives. In one scene he returns ...



Kevin Kline
Ben Hood
Joan Allen
Elena Hood
Sigourney Weaver
Janey Carver
Jamey Sheridan
Jim Carver
Henry Czerny
George Clair
Tobey Maguire
Paul Hood
Christina Ricci
Wendy Hood
Elijah Wood
Mikey Carver
Adam Hann-Byrd
Sandy Carver
David Krumholtz
Francis Davenport
Katie Holmes
Libbets Casey
Michael Cumpsty
Reverend Philip Edwards
Jonathan Freeman
Ted Franklin
Allison Janney
Dot Halford
Barbara Garrick
Weather reporter
John Benjamin Hickey
Mark Boland
Joe O'Connor


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The Ice Storm
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