Hulk (2003)

7.58 / Rated by 6 people

138 min.
Plot  Scientist David Banner introduces the idea of creating super soldiers by introducing modified DNA sequences extracted from various animals to strengthen the human cellular response, making them effectively impervious to any weaponized agent, but General Thaddeus Ross denies him permission to use human subjects. Banner subsequently conducts the experiments on himself. After the birth of his son Bruce, he finds that his son may have inherited the effects and seeks a cure, but is stopped in the process. Bruce remembers nothing of the incident after a traumatic event, and has been raised by the Krenslers. Years later, Bruce is a geneticist working with his ex-girlfriend Betty Ross, within the Berkely Biotechnology Institute on nanomed research. The pair hope to achieve instantenous cell repair by using low level Gamma radiation exposure to activate the nanomeds once they are introduced into a living organism. During routine maintenance of their appropriated Gammaspectrometer, a circuit sho...  



Eric Bana
Dr. Bruce Banner / Hulk
Jennifer Connelly
Betty Ross
Sam Elliott
General Thunderbolt Ross
Josh Lucas
Major Glenn Talbot
Nick Nolte
Dr. David "Dave" Banner
Cara Buono
Edith Banner
Celia Weston
Mrs. Krenzler
Kevin Rankin


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hassan rated Hulk (2003) with 9.0 stars / 02.02.2016

rifai rated Hulk (2003) with 9.0 stars / 25.01.2016

nur ahsen rated Hulk (2003) with 7.5 stars / 12.01.2016

emre rated Hulk (2003) with 7.0 stars / 25.05.2015

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