Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)

6.0 / Rated by 1 people

102 min.
Plot  The story focuses on Herbie, a Volkswagen Beetle, and Maggie Peyton (Lohan), the youngest member of the Peyton racing clan. Herbie is towed to a junkyard after losing several races, and Maggie's father, Ray Peyton Sr. (Keaton), takes Maggie to the junkyard to buy her a car as a college graduation present. After Maggie selects Herbie, he takes her against her will to the garage where her friend Kevin (Long) works as a mechanic. Kevin persuades Maggie to take Herbie to a car show to buy parts for Herbie, but when they arrive, Herbie tricks Maggie into disguising herself in a racing suit and helmet and challenging NASCAR champion Trip Murphy (Dillon) to an impromptu race, which Herbie wins by a second.

This delights Kevin, who tries to talk Maggie into racing again, but worries Ray Sr., who has forbidden her from racing since she was hospitalized after a street racing accident years ago. It also infuriates Murphy, who becomes obsessed with Herbie. Murphy organizes a local stre...



Lindsay Lohan
Margaret "Maggie" Peyton
Michael Keaton
Ray Peyton
Matt Dillon
Trip Murphy
Justin Long
Breckin Meyer
Ray Peyton
Cheryl Hines
Jill Ritchie
Thomas Lennon
Larry Murphy
Jeremy Roberts
Crazy Dave


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Herbie: Fully Loaded
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