Jurassic Park (1993)

8.08 / Rated by 7 people

Science Fiction
127 min.
Plot  John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), the founder and CEO of bioengineering company InGen, has created a theme park called Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, a tropical island in a isolated Central American location populated with cloned dinosaurs. After a park worker is killed by a ''Velociraptor'', the park's investors, represented by lawyer Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero), demand that experts visit the park and certify it as safe. Gennaro invites the mathematician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) while Hammond invites paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern). Upon arrival, the group is stunned to see three ''Brachiosaurus'' and a herd of ''Parasaurolophus'' in the distance.

At the visitor center, the group learns during a laboratory tour that the cloning was accomplished by extracting the DNA of dinosaurs from mosquitoes that had been preserved in amber. The DNA strands were incomplete, so DNA from frogs was used to fill in the gaps. ...



Sam Neill
Dr. Alan Grant
Laura Dern
Dr. Ellie Sattler
Jeff Goldblum
Dr. Ian Malcolm
Richard Attenborough
John Hammond
Ariana Richards
Alexis "Lex" Murphy
Joseph Mazzello
Timothy "Tim" Murphy
Martin Ferrero
Donald Gennaro
Wayne Knight
Dennis Nedry
Samuel L. Jackson
Ray Arnold
Cameron Thor
Dr. Lewis Dodgson
Miguel Sandoval
Juanito Rostagno
BD Wong
Dr. Henry Wu


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