James Mason

James Mason

James Neville Mason




The Shooting Party
The Shooting Party (1985)
Sir Randolph Nettleby
Yellowbeard (1983)
Captain Hughes
The Verdict
The Verdict (1982)
Ed Concannon
Ivanhoe (1982)
Isaac of York
ffolkes (1980)
Admiral Brindsen
Murder by Decree
Murder by Decree (1979)
Dr. John Watson
Salem's Lot
Salem's Lot (1979)
  / TV
Richard Straker
Bloodline (1979)
Sir Alec Nichols
The Passage
The Passage (1979)
Professor Bergson
Heaven Can Wait
Heaven Can Wait (1978)
Mr. Jordan
The Boys from Brazil
The Boys from Brazil (1978)
Eduard Seibert
Cross of Iron
Cross of Iron (1977)
Col. Brandt
Voyage of the Damned
Voyage of the Damned (1976)
Dr. Juan Remos
Mandingo (1975)
Warren Maxwell
Inside Out
Inside Out (1975)
Ernst Furben
The Marseille Contract
The Marseille Contract (1974)
Jacques Brizard
The Mackintosh Man
The Mackintosh Man (1973)
Sir George Wheeler MP
The Last of Sheila
The Last of Sheila (1973)
Philip Dexter
Child's Play
Child's Play (1972)
Jerome Malley
Age of Consent
Age of Consent (1969)
Bradley Morahan
The Sea Gull
The Sea Gull (1968)
Mayerling (1968)
Emperor Franz Josef
The Deadly Affair
The Deadly Affair (1966)
Charles Dobbs
The Blue Max
The Blue Max (1966)
General Count von Klugermann
Lord Jim
Lord Jim (1965)
"Gentleman" Brown
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan (1965)
Kam Ling
Lolita (1962)
Humbert "Hum" Humbert
Tiara Tahiti
Tiara Tahiti (1962)
A Touch of Larceny
A Touch of Larceny (1960)
Commander Max Easton
North by Northwest
North by Northwest (1959)
Phillip Vandamm
The Decks Ran Red
The Decks Ran Red (1958)
Capt. Edwin Rummill
Island in the Sun
Island in the Sun (1957)
Maxwell Fleury
Prince Valiant
Prince Valiant (1954)
Sir Brack
A Star Is Born
A Star Is Born (1954)
Norman Maine
The Desert Rats
The Desert Rats (1953)
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
The Story of Three Loves
The Story of Three Loves (1953)
Charles Coudray
5 Fingers
5 Fingers (1952)
Ulysses Diello / Cicero
Botany Bay
Botany Bay (1952)
Captain Gilbert
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Madame Bovary
Madame Bovary (1949)
Gustave Flaubert
Fire Over England
Fire Over England (1937)
Hillary Vane


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